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The below FAQ answer common concerns of our customers. If you have other questions, please contact us at
It has to be put in a cool, dry place. We suggest putting it in your fridge. Leaving it in your car while it's hot, a heated room, etc. is going to cause it to mold.
The leaf can stay freshly packaged for up to 2 years if stored properly.
The white stuff is the natural mold that gathers when the moisture is leaving the stem(s). The cool thing about the product is all you have to do is get a slightly damp towel and wipe it off. DO NOT soak the leaf because you will ruin it. Lightly wipe it off and the leaf will absorb the water after you let it sit for a minute.
No worries. It's all 100% Natural, you can always revive it. If you have a spray bottle, spray some warm water unto it. REMEMBER NOT to SOAK the leaf. Let it sit for a a minute. Depending on how you have the leaf folded will depend on how much water the leaf will need to revive and open back up without crumbling. Let the leaf open on its' own. If rushed you will have multiple holes in it from when it hardened. This is what we call the "swiss cheese" effect.
For best wrapper results, tear off desired piece. Place on smoothe hard surface. With any smoothe cylinder (i.e rolling pin, glass bottle, glass cup), roll the cylinder periodically over the tobacco piece until flattened. tobacco may stick onto the cylinder, just peel it off and roll.
When the moisture on the tobacco bleeds it sometimes stains the window.
The Got Leaf is suggested as a smaller binder quality compared to King Leaf premium quality.
The Funnel leaf is a different grade wrapper with a thick premium quality.
All leafs are naturally shade grown. Shade-grown refers to the process of being grown under giant sheets of cheesecloth, which keeps the leaves from being exposed to too much sunlight; this ensures that they have a milder flavor. Leafs exposed to more sun are darker. Leafs not exposed to as much sun are lighter.
Yes; Depending on how long they are aged, their tasting notes can include grass, cream, butter, black or white pepper, coffee, cedar, and many others. Many Fronto wrappers give a cigar a spicy, ammoniac aroma, and this is due to the fact that tobacco leaves naturally contain a lot of ammonia. The aging process removes some of this ammonia. Lighter wrappers generally tend to be a bit peppery. Fronto wrappers tend to have a bit more of a “dry” taste than darker wrappers, as they usually don’t have very high sugar content.
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